"Helping students navigate their mental health to become the thought leaders of tomorrow"


Speaking of Empowerment...

There is a mental health epidemic occurring in our society right now, where people are afraid to ask for help.


Suicide rates continue to increase across all age groups in America.

There is an unprecedented opportunity to flip the narrative regarding mental illness - to view reaching out for help as a strength, and not a weakness. 


Help inspire students to speak out and end the stigma associated with mental health issues at your school by inviting Rohan to speak.


Why You Should Invite Rohan To Speak: 

Rohan presented “Order out of Chaos” at the Virginia Community Criminal Justice Association (VCCJA) annual training conference; he did an outstanding job.


We are grateful for his bravery and transparency, he gave us the opportunity to ask questions that might have proved difficult for some to answer.  He was an insightful, charismatic, and engaging presenter and it is evident Rohan is a valued asset to the advocacy of mental health.

We were honored to have had the opportunity to host him at our conference. We would recommend Rohan to present for any group or organization that is willing to hear an honest and open dialogue about mental health.

Charlene Johnson, VCCJA Conference

When Rohan has presented his story to my classes, his presentations have been compelling, moving, and so very informative that it never fails to exceed my greatest expectations. Students afterward rave about how much they appreciated hearing from him and how they never before experienced a mental health presentation that was so compelling and eye-opening. When Rohan presents, I can see him immediately connecting with his audience as soon as he begins speaking.


I would definitely recommend Rohan’s talk to anyone who wants to help people shatter mental health stigma, he’ll show you that anything is possible and he’ll make you understand why it’s important to talk about it and how to recognize when to get help. I look forward to continuing to work with Rohan to get his powerful message out to kids who will no doubt benefit from hearing it. 

Dr. Amanda Cottone, Professor at University of Pennsylvania


Featured Keynote


Brain Sketch

Overcoming Bipolar

This talk explores some of the more challenging chapters in my life, including getting expelled from medical school and facing up to 10 years in an upstate prison at the young age of 21. Gain inspiration by learning how I overcame these and other obstacles on my journey of self-discovery.

Image by Brett Jordan

Order Out of Chaos

 Many of us are not living up to our true potential in life. This talk goes in-depth into several of the key principles which got me to where I am today. Discover not only how I came to be living a life centered around passion and excitement, but how you can too!

Rock Balancing

Freedom-Based Leadership

What makes a great leader in today's society? The most well-known leaders throughout history have all had one common aspect: they all led by example. Learn how to first become free in your mind, so you can unlock your life and help lead others. 

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